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The East London IDZ is a greenfield development transforming over 400 hectares of prime land into a world-class industrial location. The zone has six individually fenced sub-zones, each designed to serve specific manufacturing needs. It is characterised by excellent internal roads boasting a newly-built dual carriageway designed to carry both light and heavy vehicles including 22m-long interlines. All the sites in the ELIDZ are fully serviced with access to all utilities and ICT infrastructure and all are within close proximity to key transport networks.

Investors that locate in the zone can take advantage of:

  • 132/11Kv sub-station built for sustainable and adequate supply of electricity to the East London IDZ’s industries
  • Water supply systems designed to cater for various industries
  • 2.4 m high fence with a 3m high internal electrified fence to allow for a high level of protection for all manufacturing operations
  • Access control and data assessment system which provides the necessary security and 24-hour controlled access into the zone
  • Quality premises and efficiently operated utilities and amenities
  • Highly competitive telecommunication infrastructure (Value Added Network licence) and broad band internet connection
  • Purpose-built investor facilities designed and delivered to customer specifications for cost and time efficiency
  • Expert investor facility construction services, from initial planning, design, right through to project administration
  • International industry benchmarking and research of new found building technologies leading to the delivery of environmentally advanced facilities which contribute to investor competitiveness.


The East London IDZ has engineered solutions to streamline business operations and enhance the competitiveness of its tenants. These solutions include:

  • Enabling sector-specific infrastructure (reduces set up and operational costs)
  • A cluster-driven servicing approach (shared services for economies of scale)
  • Sourcing and localising of production inputs (value chain enhancement).

The ELIDZ also encourages innovation in zone based industries through the East London IDZ’s Science and Technology Park (STP). Located in the ELIDZ the STP is strategically positioned to:

  • Support industrial research and development
  • Incubate new technologies
  • Stimulate, organise and manage the transfer of knowledge and technology from the knowledge custodians to companies and the market place
  • Stimulate the development of young technology industries.

The STP currently offers:

  • An open innovation platform
  • Centre of Excellence for Renewable Energy
  • Advanced tooling and process engineering support.


The East London IDZ has various incentives which can be accessed by qualifying industries. These are:

  • Specialised Customs Controlled Area (CCA) benefit for qualifying industries. This includes:

VAT (15%) exemption on:

  • Goods imported
  • Capital equipment
  • Land supplied (to CCA enterprises) for sale and letting
  • Electricity and water supply.

No import duties on:

  • Raw materials and other consumables for manufacture
  • Goods for storage
  • Capital goods used in the CCA
  • Preferential land rental
  • Preferential utility rates
  • Competitively priced land
  • Access to national manufacturing and other generic government incentives.


The East London IDZ prides itself in providing soft landing support to investors through the provision of business streamlining and support services that aid investors in the completion of investments and the start up of local operations.

A skilled team of experts assist the investors with:

  • Relocation planning assistance
  • Assistance with high level market research and intelligence
  • Start up assistance relating to business set up requirements including company registration, visa and various permit applications
  • Assisted access to municipal planning services and compliance to the necessary municipal and zone building regulations/guidelines
  • Assisted regulatory compliance and government services access
  • Application support for national and local incentive programmes and benefits
  • Labour recruitment and skills development facilitation
  • Access to convenient, zone based community services and amenities.

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