Promotion of Access to Information

The Promotion of Access to Information Act, 2 of 2000 (“PAIA”) was enacted to give effect to the constitutional right of access to any information held by the State and any information that is held by another person and that is required for the exercise or protection of any rights; and to provide for matters connected therewith.

The purpose of PAIA is to foster a culture of transparency and accountability in public and private bodies by giving effect to the right of access to information, and to actively promote a society in which people would have effective access to all information necessary for the full and proper exercise and protection of their rights.

The ELIDZ PAIA manual has been prepared in English, Afrikaans and isiXhosa and are accessible hereunder.

PAIA manual 2018 IsiXhosa

PAIA manual final 2018-Afrikaans

PAIA manual 2018-English

To access the South African Human Rights Commission’s guide to PAIA and other relevant documentation, go to


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