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The zone is specially set up for light industry manufacturers in search of ultimate global competitiveness and new market entry. The zone is renowned for its customised investment and property solutions that help industries streamline their business operations and lower their cost of doing business.

The East London IDZ has become a leading industrial development zone in South Africa by successfully building its value proposition around a cluster approach that resulted in the offering of customised sector specific solution for various sectors.

The ELIDZ is recognised on a global scale. The prestigious Global Africa Eco-Parks, under the auspice of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), bestowed upon the ELIDZ the esteemed title of the best Eco-Park in the world. The ELIDZ has been flagged as the lighthouse for Eco-Industrial Parks in South Africa. This does not only re-affirm the ELIDZ commitment to environmental stewardship but also underscores its status as a global leader in sustainable development.

With the growing importance of green energy and working towards sustainable development goals, the ELIDZ’s strategy in terms of renewable energy sector is two-pronged, the zone is targeting investors both in renewable manufacturing as well as the production and transfer of green power.

The ELIDZ’s strategic location and access to key markets make it an attractive destination for investors seeking to capitalise on the growing demand for renewable energy solutions.

Central to the ELIDZ’s commitment to sustainability is its relentless pursuit of green hydrogen. The ELIDZ’s Renewable Energy Sector is spearheading efforts to harness the power of green hydrogen, driving innovation and progress in the field of renewable energy.

Currently, the ELIDZ is tirelessly working with Green Hydrogen Solutions to establish a green hydrogen project using an integrated approach to green hydrogen production. The project aims to develop a pilot plant that will supply local industries around the ELIDZ with green hydrogen, followed by exports.

Land availability (energy generation)
– Presence of existing local supplier (solar) and opportunity to establish an energy manufacturing cluster
– R&D support via East London IDZ Science & Technology Park (STP)
– Facilitated access to skills, via Master Artisans Academy of South Africa (MAASA) in the STP
– Existing Renewable Energy tenant base in Bushveld Energy, Seraphim and Clariter.

Positioned for Renewable Energy Investment

One of the key focus sectors for the ELIDZ is the renewable energy sector. The ELIDZ’s strategy in terms of renewable energy sector is two-pronged, the zone is targeting investors both in renewable manufacturing as well as the production and transfer of green power.

The ELIDZ is one of the pilot parks receiving detailed technical assistance through the Global Eco-Industrial Parks Programme. ELIDZ represents the “model lighthouse” industrial park in South Africa because it already has a very high eco-industrial park performance and the ELIDZ is committed to continuous improvement processes to transform fully into an eco-industrial park meeting international standards.

There are various compelling reasons why the ELIDZ is the best location for investors in the renewable energy space.


ELIDZ facilitates the location of renewable energy projects in suitable land area industrial park with favorable wind and solar characteristics thereby supporting tenants to get access to renewable energy services such as:

  • Ideal wind conditions for the generation of wind energy.
  • Flat land with ideal sunny conditions for solar energy generation.
  • Excellent growth conditions for biofuel feedstock.
  • Strong links with the local authority with a potential ease of access to the municipal electricity grid.
  • Established links with the top 100 electricity users in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality as a potential market for green energy.
  • A green IDZ, with good ICT connectivity and logistical infrastructure supported by the availability of affordable labour and a strong manufacturing base.
  • Access to secure and stable green energy
  • Cost effective, reliable, sustainable, and high-quality water supply available to investors.
  • Supportive cluster to feed into your business processes.
  • Strong green ambitions and offers a range of shared services to investors (e.g. ICT, clinic, Science and Technology Park.
  • Offers a modern customized space in a technology enabled zone which is ready for future smart requirements and where connectivity is fast.
  • Offers great connectivity and is powered by renewable energy.


The ELIDZ has packaged strategic energy generation projects that optimise the existing infrastructure, institutional arrangements with key players and other locational strengths. CLICK HERE to see packaged projects


Through its Science and Technology Park, the ELIDZ has partnered with the Master Artisans Academy of South Africa (MAASA) to establish a state-of-the art Renewable Energy Centre of Excellence. The centre offers various internationally accredited training programmes to support the growing renewable energy sector. These programmes include:

  • Training electricians and electrical engineers in the installation of photovoltaic systems
  • Solarteur Training Programme, an 18 month certified programme for renewable energy professions. This is an international Solarteur certification in accordance with EU guideline EG 2008/29. The ELIDZ Science and Technology Park (ELIDZ STP) has the only accredited Solateur School in South Africa.

For more information regarding the East London Science & Technology Park – click here www.elidzstp.co.za


Through the ELIDZ STP the ELIDZ is also involved in the testing and prototyping of different renewable technologies and new inventions.

Through its established platform, the ELIDZ STP encourages innovators and their start-up to locate themselves within ELIDZ where they will have access to various innovation funders as well as the ELIDZ STP-facilitated incubation process and facilities.

The ELIDZ STP aims to facilitate creative, technical solutions to problems – to assist companies adopt innovative approaches in all their operations, whether it leads to new products and services, or a new improved version of an existing offering, through improved processes.

Through this platform a number of new renewable energy technologies have already been innovated. These include:

  • Twerly, an innovative street light powered by green energy.
  • Heat Raider.
  • Solar Water Desalinisation

The successful development of these prototypes illustrates the ability of the ELIDZ innovation ecology to generate new technologies, which works and contributes towards increasing the outputs of the industry.


Excellently managed modern industrial estate which boast world class infrastructure, quality premises and efficiently operated utilities and amenities, setting the foundation for streamlined business operations. The sites can be accessed through the zone’s newly built dual carriageway designed to carry both light and heavy vehicles including 22m-long interlinks. All the sites in the ELIDZ are fully serviced with access to all utilities and ICT infrastructure and all are within close proximity to key transport networks.

As such, by locating in one of the site options offered by the ELIDZ, an investor can take advantage of:

  • The zone’s secure manufacturing environment with controlled access.
  • World class infrastructure and utility provision.
  • Proximity to key transport networks including internationally acclaimed port, recently expanded airport and great rail and road infrastructure.
Dr Chris Ettmayr (Sector Manager: Renewable Energy & ICT )
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