There are sound business reasons why investors should choose the East London IDZ as a location for their investment. The ELIDZ provides a comprehensive investment solution, combining three distinct, but complimentary, platforms of value delivery for IDZ-based industries.

The ELIDZ works with investors to support their investment and to seek innovative ways to achieve operational cost reductions for greater competitiveness. Various business bottom line improvement areas are explored in collaboration with tenant industries and include:


The ELIDZ boasts over 400 hectors of serviced industrial land and quality industrial buildings with efficiently operated utilities and amenities. An investor locating into the ELIDZ has various operational options when it comes to setting up its operations in the ELIDZ. These include the following : 1. Land Purchase / Lease Solution: The East London IDZ offers investors an option to purchase or lease parcels of strategic land within the ELIDZ precinct. While an investor has an option to manage its own development of the land, the ELIDZ also offers investors a comprehensive land development solution. This includes full planning, design and project administration services for the specification, construction and commissioning of basic as well as specialised industrial infrastructures and superstructures. This is coupled to quality industrial estate infrastructure installations and services for the delivery of municipal-type utilities, estate security and modern ICT communications connectivity. 2. Building Purchase/Lease Solution: An investor locating in the ELIDZ also has an option to purchase or lease existing tenant facilities within the ELIDZ. The tenant facilities and amenities in the Zone not only satisfy the investor’s need for an optimised industrial location, but also deliver an environment that promotes and sustains globally recognised industrial standards and practices, which can assist SA exporter industries to surmount barriers to trade entry into the global marketplace. With purpose-built factories and support facilities on offer, tenant industries settle in the zone without delay, occupying fully serviced properties, served by a reliable and well managed utilities and other industrial estate infrastructure that is actively managed and maintained to meet current and future needs.


The East London IDZ understands that its investor community is primarily in business to focus on, core business activities. Yet, the demands of competing successfully, both domestically and in the global arena, dictate that a myriad of peripheral concerns need to be grappled with. To assist IDZ-based industries, the East London IDZ works with its investors to evolve and attract a range of value-adding Zone-based support services. These are located within the IDZ to deliver on-site capabilities that make industrial operations from the zone easier and more productive. These include : CLUSTER DRIVEN SHARED SERVICES: The ELIDZ offers all tenant industries access to cost effective shared amenities and services in order to reduce the cost of operation for each investor. The zone location services allow each company to reduce its set up costs and focus on its core services. The shared services and amenities include: • Labour recruitment and skills development facilitation • Customised logistics • Canteen and conferencing • Medical facilities • Environmental monitoring • Para-recruitment agency • 24/7 access control and surveillance The ELIDZ’s solutions also include conceptual design and commissioning of multi-user, shared facilities within the IDZ. These include central logistics hubs and other multi-user facilities, which include co-ordinated investment into joint multi-OEM production/finishing facilities. For more detail of available services click here service brochure ENABLING SECTOR SPECIFIC INFRASTRUCTURE: With a clear understanding of the strategic investment sectors within which ELIDZ tenant industries operate, the ELIDZ creates innovative sector solutions to position its tenants for growth in markets and positive financial returns. The ELIDZ’s multi skilled team has an excellent success record in developing and operating enabling sector specific infrastructure and services which reduces set up and operational costs while improving our customers’ competitiveness and operations by reducing set up and operational costs for each of our customers. As such the ELIDZ is renowned for the development of cost efficient, customised services that are crafted to create and exploit synergies that are made possible through industrial clustering and industry supply chain integrations.


At the East London IDZ we understand that your key priority is satisfying your customers, responding to their needs and ensuring business continuity even during periods of change, such as the relocation or set up of a new manufacturing facility. To assist you during your move into the East London IDZ we have tailored industry start up and support services to ease the process of relocation. We provide land soft landing support to assist you in the finalisation of your investments and start up of your local operations. This support includes • Relocation planning assistance • Start-up assistance relating to business set up requirements including company registration, visa and various permit applications. • Assisted access to municipal planning services and compliance to the necessary municipal and zone building regulations/guidelines. • Labour recruitment and skills development facilitation • provision of investor advice and assistance in applying for local municipal services rebates and utility charge discounts to manage and contain the cost of doing business from the location.


At the East London IDZ, we understand that global competitiveness is ultimately about the bottom line. As such, the zone has developed its very own locational incentives that will assist tenant industries to managing lower their operational costs and ensuring maximum business profits. An investor that locates in the East London IDZ can take advantage of various specialized local incentives including: • Preferential land rental and utility rates • Competitively priced land • Duty-free imports for inputs used for export oriented manufacturing • Zero rate on value added tax for locally procured supplies used in export manufacturing. The East London IDZ has also developed an investor services desk which amongst various functions streamlines the process of applying and accessing relevant national government incentives for investors located in the East London IDZ. The ELIDZ therefore not only assists investors in identifying relevant national government incentives for relevant for their business but it also helps throughout the necessary administrations steps. The ELIDZ realises that doing business, for any enterprise, is all about the bottom line. As such, other that the zone’s competitively priced industrial solutions, the ELIDZ has also allowed for an incentive facilitation desk, which assists investors to apply for all relevant government incentives. The facilitation of applications for qualifying investors to access the Customs Control Area (CCA) incentive by government is such an example. The ELIDZ, in the previous financial year was the IDZ to pilot this incentive, which allows for tenants registered as CCAEs to benefit from VAT exemption and import duty suspension. In the past twelve months the ELIDZ has registered 9 CCA enterprises and 6 CCA enterprises. This has resulted in a total bond savings for these enterprises of over R36 million and a total CCAE Customs Duty and vat savings of R9.8 million.


As part of encouraging innovation in its zone-based industrial the ELIDZ has located a Science and Technology Park within its industrial precinct. The ELIDZ Science and Technology Park (ELIDZ STP) is strategically located in the ELIDZ and is strategically positioned to: – Support industrial research and development – Incubation of new technologies – Stimulate, organize and manage the transfer of knowledge and technology from the knowledge custodians to companies and the market place – Stimulate the development of young technology industries The ELIDZ STP is designed as an attractive, functional and interactive space to encourage the exchange of ideas and facilitate the development of creative technical solutions to problems. Its services include a variety of laboratory facilities, training platforms, an open innovation platform, networking solutions, as well as incubator services. The park is linked to the International Association of Science Parks (IASP), which gives the organisation networking capabilities with almost every globally recognised science park and this opens up vast opportunities to find solutions and ensure that innovations developed within the ELIDZ STP are talked about. Since its inception the ELIDZ STP has piloted a number of innovation initiatives, aimed at increasing the competitive and comparative advantage of the ELIDZ as an industrial destination. The STP remains a critical component of the ELIDZ value proposition to its investors, not only does it focus on growing and building businesses, it also supports industrial research and developing aimed at producing commercialised products and this is key in developing new industrial sectors and diversifying the local economy. Click here for more information.

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