On Thursday, 25 April 2024, the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) proudly unveiled significant investments poised to elevate the renewable energy sector within the Zone. Collectively, these investments, valued at approximately R1.3 billion are expected to generate approximately 1134 new employment opportunities.

During the ELIDZ Investor Launch and Stakeholder Engagement event, hosted at ELIDZ, Eastern Cape Province Premier Lubabalo Oscar Mabuyane welcomed the new operationalised investments in the ELIDZ.

He said: “Investments are indeed raining down non-stop in the Eastern Cape. It is therefore my honour and privilege to declare that Thezi Langa, Bushveld Electrolyte (Pty) Ltd and Ram Hand-to-Hand Couriers are now our partners in building the Eastern Cape we want. We extended a word of gratitude to the owners of Thezi Langa, Bushveld Energy and Ram Hand-to-Hand Couriers for choosing to invest in our province. There are nine provinces in South Africa, but they decided to make the Eastern Cape the home of their investments.”

Bushveld Electrolyte Company (Pty) Ltd, a local manufacturing company for vanadium-based electrolyte. The initiative which is a joint operation between Bushveld Electrolyte Company (Pty) Ltd and the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), valued at R400 million with approximately 59 new direct jobs expected to be created by this initiative. Their investment marks a significant stride towards establishing capacity for vanadium-based electrolyte for supply to the global Vanadium Redox Flow Battery (VRFB) market and supply chain. This is part of enhancing the province’s competitiveness as a strategic hub for innovative manufacturing.

Another notable Investment comes from Thezi Langa (Pty) Ltd, valued at R920 million, aimed at developing a 50MW groundbreaking photovoltaic solar plant within the ELIDZ’s Ntabozuko Precinct. The initiative is expected to create 1000 direct and indirect jobs during a two-year construction period and an estimate of 25 new direct jobs during a 20-year operation and management period. The aim is to increase the independent energy generation capacity within the Eastern Cape and provide renewable energy to both private and public sectors. This is part of exploring the thriving renewable energy sector and attracting further industrial capacity and investment into the province.

The latest investment contributing to the ELIDZ’s flourishing logistics sector comes from RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers, with a value of R18 million. RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers is set to establish one of its Eastern Cape base Hub within the ELIDZ, as part of their expansion initiative. RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers has 42 hubs around South Africa, employs over 2000 employees and has a fleet in excess of 1800 vehicles. With this extensive infrastructure, the hub in the ELIDZ will enable RAM Hand-to-Hand Couriers to receive shipments from around the country and attend to the collection and delivery of shipments in East London and its surrounds to all corners of South Africa. This initiative will contribute 50 direct jobs at the ELIDZ Hub.

For nearly two decades, the ELIDZ has been at the forefront of championing and diversifying investment attraction in the Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality (BCMM) region. The ELIDZ’s commitment to drive industrial development has catalysed economic advancement throughout the Eastern Cape province and beyond.

This high-profile gathering was graced by the presence of the Honourable Premier Oscar Mabuyane, the MEC for the Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism (DEDEAT), Mr Mlungisi Mvoko, new investors, the ELIDZ Board of Directors, Buffalo City Municipality Development Agency (BCMDA) Board Chairperson, and the former ELIDZ Board members.

MEC Mvoko, while providing an overview of the recent developments at the ELIDZ and announcing the new investments, expressed words of gratitude.  

“We are excited by the arrival of the three investors at this great institution as these bring massive job and business opportunities but also assist to boost the economy of the Eastern Cape. Attracting investments has been a priority for this government, especially during the 6th administration. When we came in at the beginning of the current term, we had set ourselves targets in investment attraction. I am glad that we have succeeded in achieving our targets and we have gone on to overachieve in this area,” said Mr Mvoko.

Summing up his remarks, he extended heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing the ELIDZ former CEO, Mr Kondlo.

“I would also like to bid farewell to the outgoing ELIDZ CEO, Mr Kondlo. I must say that in years to come, it will be difficult to talk about the ELIDZ without mentioning the name of Mr Kondlo. Considering the great work that he has done for this institution and the province, it is fitting to accord him a legendary status.”

The ELIDZ’s enormous contribution to revitalising the local economy and creating a favourable environment for both foreign and direct investments is notable. Despite encountering various challenges, the ELIDZ remains steadfast in its commitment to support new investors in settling within the Zone.

The ELIDZ Board Chairperson, Professor Mlungisi Makalima, stated that the work that the ELIDZ is doing to attract investment and drive industrialisation is nothing but a manifestation of the ELIDZ’s mandate to ensure diversification in the economy of the Eastern Cape province.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Mr Kondlo for his steadfast leadership, unwavering dedication, and transformative contributions to the ELIDZ. Under his guidance, we have achieved remarkable strides, pushed boundaries, and set new benchmarks. His impact will resonate within our organisation for years to come,” added Professor Makalima.

Former ELIDZ CEO, Mr Kondlo, reflected on his journey at the ELIDZ, he highlighted that it has been an exciting journey of trials and tribulations. In his remarks he recognised all the key role players that played a significant role in ensuring the establishment of Special Economic Zones (SEZ’s) in South Africa. He further extended words of appreciation to the organised businesses operating within the Buffalo City region and beyond.

“None of this would have happened without the cooperation and support of the ELIDZ’s respective stakeholders, the ELIDZ success hinges on the unwavering support of our stakeholders. Today we pride ourselves as the prime industrial destination because of continuous support and active involvement of our respective stakeholders in all levels. I would like to further extend my words of appreciation to the ELIDZ investors / tenants, they are the driving force behind our growth”.

“We exist for something bigger than ourselves, we carry the hopes and dreams of this region. May the ELIDZ’s endeavours unite communities, ignite passions, and paint a brighter future for all,” added Mr Kondlo.


Issued by the ELIDZ

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