The East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) has proven to be at the forefront of promoting sustainability and has been named the leading eco-park in the world. The esteemed recognition, awarded by the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation’s (UNIDO) Global Eco-Industrial Park Programme (GEIPP), highlights the ELIDZ’s unparalleled commitment to protecting the environment. The ELIDZ, which is considered a model for eco-industrial parks not only in South Africa but worldwide, is the epitome of green innovation and sustainable development.

Through its participation in the GEIPP, the ELIDZ is one of the pilot parks receiving technical assistance and is deemed as one of the highest performing eco-industrial parks and ELIDZ is committed to continuous improvement of processes to transform fully into an eco-industrial park meeting international standards.

“This acknowledgement fuels our determination to continuously improve and strive to exceed compliance requirements by adopting best practices and industry standards. Our goal is to reduce carbon emissions, minimise waste generation and increase the use of renewable energy sources,” Dr Chris Ettmayr, Renewable Energy & ICT Manager remarks.

Recognising the significance of sustainability and environmental stewardship, ELIDZ embraces innovative practices and adheres to sustainability standards to maximise industrial efficiency. Eco-Industrial parks are not just environmentally friendly, they involve balancing three key pillars, environmental, economic, and social sustainability.

The ELIDZ is a greenfield development transforming over 400 hectares of prime land into a world-class industrial location that attracts globally competitive manufactures. The ELIDZ’s significant transition to renewable energy makes it an attractive destination for investors seeking to capitalise on the growing demand for renewable energy solutions.

Through unwavering efforts, the ELIDZ is dedicated to evolving and transforming into a fully developed eco-industrial park that recognises that sustainability is a journey rather than destination and meets the international standards. The ELIDZ continuously engages with various stakeholders to foster partnerships and ensure sustainability remains at the forefront of its operations.

The ELIDZ is dedicated to advancing its mission of eco-industrial growth, steadfastly paving the way for a sustainable future. Through ongoing initiatives and collaborations, the ELIDZ actively promotes environmentally responsible practices, innovation in green technologies, and the integration of sustainability principles into every facet of its operations. By prioritising sustainable development, the ELIDZ aims to not only bolster economic prosperity but also to safeguard the environment and enhance the well-being of surrounding communities for generations to come.


Issued by the ELIDZ

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