To mark Nelson Mandela Month, the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) concluded the month with a significant Corporate Social Investment (CSI) initiative. Demonstrating their dedication to community support, the ELIDZ presented a generous donation to the Masizakhe Child and Youth Care Centre in Mdantsane on Friday, 28 July 2023. This donation follows a comprehensive needs assessment conducted by the ELIDZ CSI Committee, which identified key areas in need of attention, intervention, and support at the centre. By addressing these priority areas, the ELIDZ aims to make a positive impact on the lives of the children and youth within the community.

Masizakhe Child and Youth Care Centre, a registered Non-Profit Organisation dedicated to creating a safe and nurturing environment for vulnerable, destitute, and abused children from both Mdantsane and its surrounding areas. As an organisation committed to the well-being of the community, the Centre focuses on providing essential care and support to children who are in dire need of protection and assistance. Through their tireless efforts, the Centre aims to offer these young individuals a place of refuge, love, and guidance, helping them overcome their hardships and providing them with a brighter and more hopeful future.

Embracing the principles of collaboration and social responsibility, the ELIDZ joined forces with some of its esteemed service providers, namely Boratech Energy Group, SNR Electrical and Mechanical, and Junoscan Construction. Through their generous support and dedication, these service providers played a crucial role in facilitating the ELIDZ’s contributions towards addressing significant challenges that needed attention. With their valuable assistance, we successfully tackled the following key issues, lifting the burden they posed on the community:

  • The three dormitories were in dire need of attention, with roof leaks and plumbing defects causing disruptions and discomfort for the children and youth residing there.
  • The dormitories also faced electricity-related issues, affecting the safety and functionality of the facilities
  • To create a more pleasant and uplifting living space for the children and youth, the dormitories required a fresh coat of paint.
  • Recognising the importance of a well-stocked and nourishing environment, the ELIDZ stepped in to provide much-needed support in the form of food, toiletries, and cleaning supplies.

The joint endeavours of the ELIDZ and its dedicated service providers resulted in a significant and generous donation exceeding R200,000.00 to the Masizakhe Child and Youth Care Centre. This substantial contribution reflects the strong commitment of all involved parties to support and uplift the lives of the children and youth at the Centre.

Not only did the ELIDZ and its service providers offer aid as mentioned above, but the spirit of giving extended even further. The CSI Committee, along with enthusiastic ELIDZ employees, actively participated in this noble cause by volunteering their time and effort for 67 minutes at the Centre During this inspiring venture, the volunteers engaged in various activities that made a positive impact on the Centre and its residents. They selflessly prepared a nourishing and heartwarming meal for the children, ensuring their well-being and comfort. Moreover, the volunteers dedicated themselves to cleaning the yard, transforming it into a cleaner and safer space for the children to enjoy.

Recognising the value of nature and sustainable living, the volunteers also undertook the task of preparing the garden for cultivation. As part of this endeavour, they generously handed over seedlings, offering the gift of growth and the opportunity for the children to participate in ploughing and nurturing their garden.

Through this united effort, the ELIDZ and its service providers demonstrated not only their support through tackling the challenges face by the Centre but also their genuine care for the well-being of the children and youth at the Masizakhe Child and Youth Care Centre. The spirit of volunteerism and community engagement exemplified during this venture echoes the profound impact that collective action can have on improving the lives of those in need. Such initiatives serve as a testament to the importance of social responsibility and the potential for positive change when organisations and individuals come together to make a difference in their communities.

During the handover event, Mr Simphiwe Kondlo, the Chief Executive Officer of ELIDZ, emphasised the paramount significance of giving back to our communities. His remarks highlighted the organisation’s

commitment to making a positive impact and contributing to the betterment of the areas it serves. “By recognising the importance of community engagement and social responsibility, the ELIDZ reaffirms its dedication to uplifting and supporting the communities it operates in, aligning with a spirit of meaningful and impactful contribution.”

Mr Kondlo emphasised the significance of celebrating Nelson Mandela’s legacy and the profound influence he had on numerous lives, both within South Africa and beyond its borders. “As we contemplate Mandela’s dedication to bolstering the South African economy, I implore you to seize this moment as an opportunity to pay homage to his life by actively making positive contributions to our communities. By engaging in acts of goodwill and community service, we can unite in our efforts to uplift our beloved South Africa and carry forward Mandela’s timeless legacy of positive change and progress. Let us be inspired by his selfless example and work together towards building a brighter future for all.”

Masizakhe Child and Youth Care Centre Manager, Mr Luyanda Lusizi, expressed gratitude and admiration for the real and tangible results achieved through this partnership. “The sense of unity and shared purpose has deeply touched everyone involved, fostering a profound sense of hope and optimism for the future.”

“The support provided by ELIDZ not only met our immediate needs but also empowered the Centre to fulfil its fundamental objective of creating a nurturing home environment where the children can experience love and security. With this crucial assistance, the Centre can now focus on providing a safe space and quality education to these vulnerable and abandoned children of the Eastern Cape,” said Mr Lusizi.