Renewable Energy

In recent years the Eastern Cape Province has been touted a leader in equipment production and skills transfer in the renewable energy sphere. All the miniature successes achieved through the years and continued strides made within the field by the province have been through the leadership and collaboration with some of the development prone companies such as the ELIDZ. The company tasked with attracting much needed economic development to the Border region and the rest of the province, has identified the supply of clean green power as the new frontier and is implementing strategies in this regard.

This however, does not mean that the zone is only targeting investment in wind energy but also in other renewable energy sources like bio-fuels, biogas and even ocean currents. The ELIDZ’s strategy in terms of renewable energy sector is two pronged, the zone is targeting investors both in renewable manufacturing as well as the production and transfer of renewable energy.

The zone aims to lead by example as it is currently busy trying to start greening its own electricity supply initially focusing on solar energy, wind and biomass, but not excluding any other technologies that could show promise.

As aforementioned skills and training are key priorities for the organisation as these will assist the region. As part of this initiative the ELIDZ has partnered with the Master Artisan Academy of South Africa (MAASA) and is currently implementing a skills training programme at artisan level in renewable energy technologies.


For more information:
Chris Ettmayr – Renewable Energy Sector Specialist