The East London IDZ is one of the key locations for automotive manufacturing investment in South Africa.  The zone has already attracted over R1 billion worth of investment in this sector.  This is due to  the following of solutions that the ELIDZ has customised for the sector.

World Class Automotive Supplier Park:

The East London IDZ is home to a world class Automotive Supplier Park that houses world renowned automotive suppliers that conduct business with industry leaders such as Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Volkswagen, Ford, and General Motors.

Manufacturers in the ASP have access of the art infrastructure and a customised service offering of the East London IDZ has enabled these component manufacturers to produce high spec, quality components at the right time and within a competitive price range for the OEMs they service.

The East London IDZ’s automotive offering has enabled some these suppliers to acquire new business, expand their product line and receive a number of awards for their world class operations.


In 2012, the East London Industrial Development Zone established the Metal Surface Treatment (aluminium treatment and E-Coating) facility which is located at its Automotive Supplier Park (ASP). This became the first facility of its kind in the greater Border area.  The establishment of the facility has increased the competitiveness of East London as an investment destination particularly for the automotive sector.

Upon completion, the organisation appointed a proficient operator (Linde + Wiemann RSA) to oversee the day-to-day runnings of the facility.

The establishment of a facility at the ELIDZ has installed value adding services to the automotive sector, thereby enhancing the attractiveness of the IDZ by creating shared services, through enabling infrastructure which can be used by multiple investors. The facility is also touted as one of the key facilities within the zone which will play a pivotal role in ensuring that the mooted Multi-Model Original Equipment Manufacturers (MMOEM) plant becomes a reality. The MST facility offers its services to MBSA and various other component manufacturers and has in turn created a total of 42 direct jobs.

The Ultimate Location for an OEM

With a world class ASP, the East London IDZ has positioned itself as an ideal location for an Original Equipment Manufacturer. Over 80 hectares of land have been set aside as a location for an OEM within the ELIDZ. From this location, the OEM will have ease of access to all different aspects of the automotive value chain that are all conveniently within a 10km radius to the East London IDZ.



MMOEM Project

ELIDZ-MOEM-Brochure-A5 landscape


Cyndi-Lee Perils (Sector Manager: Automotive & Advanced Manufacturing)

T: +27 43 702 8254