Sunningdale Dairy

Sunningdale Dairy is a family owned business which was started in 1981 by husband and wife team, Neil and Sandra Rensburg with just a few cattle.  The business has since grown to become the biggest dairy processing plant in the Eastern Cape and one of the most advanced of similar facilities in South Africa.  In July 2010, Sunningdale opened their R140million highly specialised dairy processing plant in the East London IDZ as part of their strategy to expand their global market footprint.

The need

The investor’s plans to enter the global market necessitated them to prioritise high production standards (such as HACCP standards and EU standards)  which would ensure entry into their desired market.

The increased production and projected production growth based on the company’s business also required the company to expand their existing production facility whilst at the same time upgrading these facilities to meet required quality standards.

The investor approached the ELIDZ,  and presented their requirements, their future market ambitions as well as some of the key standards with which they would need their production facility and processes to comply with in order to attract the targeted markets.

The solution

  • In partnership with the investor, the East London IDZ planned and implemented the development of a R140 million facility which would process a number of dairy products such as yoghurt, maas and cheese.
  • The plant is a flagship manufacturing plant for the East London IDZ’s agro-processing sector and the Eastern Cape as a whole.
  • As part of the plant design, he investor found an effluent solution that was one of a kind for a dairy in Africa.
  • The quality of the building made it easy to translate that quality to products
  • Factory proportions make operations easy

How is the investor benefitting from the solution?

  • Long term approach to their production capacity and markets
  • New ventures/ markets
  • Future benefits will be reaped in the growth of the market share
  • The records sales have been a positive encouragement and the turnover has doubled.
  • The quality provided has made it possible to have quality product and therefore a greater foot print in the market.