A combination of the Eastern Cape sub-tropical climate, access to good quality sea water, excellent aquaculture infrastructure and proximity to world renowned academic institutions are just some of the ingredients that make the ELIDZ a prime location for land based marine aquaculture investment. If you are looking to locate your recirculation aquaculture facility on nature’s doorstep, and access affordable facilities, then our 32 hectare aquaculture cluster in our zone is the place for your investment.

Taking the decision to locate into the ELIDZ Aquaculture cluster will allow you access to the following:

  • A bulk sea water pipeline for the delivery of seawater (to) and discharge of effluent (from) land based aquaculture farms in the zone.
  • Existing government authorisation for seawater abstraction (200 litres per second) and seawater storage (10000 kilo litres per day)
  • Existing government authorisation for activities such as hatcheries and grow-out facilities (for local marine species) and a centralised fish processing establishment
  • Production capacity of between 7000 and 10000 tons of fish per annum.

Aquaculture investment opportunities in the East London IDZ include:

  • Marine fish hatcheries and grow-out facilities
  • Centralized and internationally accredited processing and cold storage facilities for fish and fish products
  • Specialised systems engineering services for fish holding and controls (deleted text)
  • Development and propagation of new marine species and varieties for commercial farming
  • Fish feed factory  leveraging alternative and plant based protein sources
  • An aquatic animal health) clinic
  • An oxygen generation plant and reticulation system
  • A marine aquaculture and biotechnology business incubator

If growth and global competitiveness are on your agenda, then we are the right people to provide you the springboard for your growth. Hooked? Then talk to our professional sector manager Ntobeko Bacela on +27 43 702 8200 or