A competent automotive skills pool, a thriving auto sector and customised best practice automotive solutions make the East London IDZ a prime location for any automotive investor in search of the ultimate manufacturing competitiveness.For automotive component suppliers who are in search of a solution for cost effective and reliable supply of their components to OEMs in South Africa, our 20 hectare Automotive Supplier Park (ASP) is the answer. The ASP boasts a centralised logistics solution, designed specifically for the auto industry to enable maximum cost and time efficiency to ensure just-in-time and just-in-sequence supply of your components to your clients.For OEMS in search of the idea location for a manufacturing base in South Africa, the East London IDZ offers you:

  • access to world renowned suppliers already located in our supplier park,
  • customised logistics solution
  • access to our highly secured Vehicle Storage Centre with just over 3600 parking bays to park your vehicles due for distribution. The facility is currently being utilised to aid in the efficient supply chain management for renowned auto brand, Mercedes Benz.

Multi OEM facility

If you are a small auto OEM which does not have the necessary volumes to motivate for a fully-fledged manufacturing facility in South Africa, our multi-OEM facility offers you South African manufacturing presence without the related set up cost. This shared facility allows OEMs to participate in a shared and common infrastructure facility (including a shared assembly production unit and logistics provider) and is an innovative way of cutting costs and increase competitiveness while offering an alternative to a single OEM production that has become the norm.

Green car innovation

With the call for auto manufacturers to develop environmentally friendly vehicles to reduce the global carbon footprint, an opportunity exists for the manufacturing and assembly of an electric car or hybrid for the commercial market.

Vehicle Assembly

The East London IDZ has developed a location within its 1st phase to accommodate and automotive OEM.  The necessary infrastructure is already in place with the basic design already developed through our professional team, taking into consideration the OEM’s infrastructural requirements.


So whether you are a component supplier or an OEM is search of a location for a manufacturing facility, or a small OEM looking for manufacturing presence in South Africa, contact us and see what solutions we can design for your investment. For more information contact our Sector Manager Cyndi Lee-Perils on:  +27 43 702 8200 or email on: