Incentivised manufacturing

At the East London IDZ, we understand that global competitiveness is ultimately about the bottom line.  As such , we have developed our very own locational incentives that will assist you in managing your operational costs and ensuring maximum business profits.    An investor that locates in the East London IDZ can take advantage of various specialised local incentives including:

  • Preferential land rental and utility rates
  • Competitively priced land
  • Duty-free imports for inputs used for export oriented manufacturing
  • Zero rate on value added tax for locally procured supplies used in export manufacturing

The East London IDZ has also developed an investor services desk which amongst various functions streamlines the process of applying and accessing relevant national government incentives for investors located in the East London IDZ.  Our skilled team not only assists you in identifying relevant national government incentives for your business but it also helps throughout the necessary administrations steps.