The ELIDZ at a glance

Innovation, Efficiency, Growth and Sustainability are key to the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ’s) reason for existence.Established in 2003, as part of the South African government initiative to improve industrial competitiveness and economic growth in the country, the zone has become a prime industrial park in South Africa, renowned for its customised solutions for various industries including automotive, agro-processing and aqua-culture.The ELIDZ offers growth oriented companies a specialised manufacturing platform, innovative industrial and business solutions access to new markets and strategic industry networks.  We don’t just offer businesses a physical space to locate – we partner with you in finding innovative solutions to ensure greater returns.A number of global players have already positioned themselves for growth by choosing to locate their facilities in our zone.  These include renowned brands such as Foxtec-Ikhwezi, Mercedes Benz South Africa, the Feltex Group, Johnsons Controls, Ti Automotive, Sunningdale Dairy and Matla Diamond Works.  So whether you are looking for serviced industrial land, prime industrial space for leasing or purchasing, or value added services that will improve your business operations, our team will design a solution that will work for you.

Key to the ELIDZ’s ability to operate a highly successful industrial complex is the ability of Team East London IDZ to designed unique benefits based on individual investor needs.  Once we gain an understanding of your business, we combine this with our sector expertise, industry networks and business intelligence to explore your businesses growth potential and the key components required to kick-start your business’ growth path.

Our Expertise

The ELIDZ team is a multi-skilled team that can assist you with all of your business needs.  The various departments within the ELIDZ team are:

Office of the CEO: This includes Strategy Management, Corporate Governance, Risk Management, Enterprise Quality Management and the management of special projects such as the Eastern Cape Innovation Hub and the East London Science and Technology Park.

Zone Development: This includes Business Development, Sector Management, Property Management and Infrastructure Project Management.

Zone Operations: This includes Facilities Maintainance, Safety, Health, Environment and Security (SHES) as well as Investor Support Services.

Finance: This includes the Financial Management, Supply Chain Management and Investments and Acquisitions.

Corporate Affairs: This includes Corporate Research, Corporate Communication, Marketing, Information and Communication Technology, Legal as well as Human Resource Management.

At the East London IDZ we aim to be a world class operator of a prestigious industrial complex where highly competitive organisations thrive on streamlined business benefits and stimulate regional economic growth.

Our Promise

To provide investor solutions and to attract and develop strategic industries that strengthen South African export competitiveness through the development and operation of a thriving, specialized industrial complex.

To be a solution companies to be globally competitive through engineered efficiency

Shareholders: The East London Industrial Development Zone is a private company owned by the Eastern Cape Development Corporation (74%) and Buffalo City Municipality (26%).

Funders: The organization is funded through three funding streams namely the national Department of Trade and Industry, provincial Department of Economic Development and Environmental Affairs as well as funding through internally generated revenue streams.

Board of Directors: The East London IDZ is led by a board of directors who are nominated onto the board by various stakeholders. The board comprises of nine members, including the chairman and Chief Executive Officer.